The jihad never stops:

What a nasty, stabby thing:

Australia: Muslima who stabbed man while screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ stabs fellow prisoner, is ‘proud of what she did’


It is extremely unlikely that any Australian authorities have pondered, even for a moment, the question of why Momena Shoma is proud of what she did. They probably just think she is mentally ill, and that’s that.

Bangladesh: Man who placed Qur’an in Hindu temple, sparking deadly Muslim riots, is Muslim

This is the Modus Operandi of zealots, of which there are many in Banglatrash.

Hate Preachers Encouraging Terrorism, Terrorist Plotters Could Face Longer Jail Sentences

Pupil Yells ‘Allahu Akbar’ During Tribute to French Teacher Killed by Jihadist

France: While honouring Samuel Paty, a pupil shouts “Allah akbar”, his father congratulates him and threatens to burn down the school

Tory MP was killed in murder ‘linked to Islamist extremism’-police arrest British Muslim of Somali descent

How did a Somali Muslim get a British passport?

The death of Sir David Amess was today being treated as a terror attack ‘linked to Islamist extremism’ as officers raided two homes in London and a British Muslim man of Somali descent remained in police custody.

Norway: Cops decide that mental illness, not Islamic teachings, incited Muslim’s attack that murdered five

But of course. “Mental illness” it is. It can’t possibly be Islam. Because if it was, something would have to be done about it. And because there is nobody who wants to do something about it, that will not change.

Swedish Muslim Party Calls for Burning of Sculpture by Mohammed Cartoonist

Dozens Killed as Multiple Suicide Bombers Strike Shiite Mosque in AfghanistanDozens Killed as Multiple Suicide Bombers Strike Shiite Mosque in Afghanistan

Suspected Leader of Terrorist Cell Came to Spain Illegally by Boat

France to Close Mosque that Promoted ‘Armed Jihad’ During Sermons