“I am the science” Fraudci still doesn’t know where the virus originated

The staggering rise is heart disease and blood clots across the world is pure coincidence.

How many people have to die before we start asking questions and demanding answers?

Tyrant Fauci Tirade against GOP over Jan. 6

‘I’m Going to Be Saving Lives, They’re Going to Be Lying!’

Fraudci hasn’t saved anyone. But now he is coming out as a totally unhinged political hack. 


“I am the science”

Psycho Twerp Fraudci Doubles Down: “I am science”

Fraudci is hard on the brain. So much incompetence is hard to swallow.

Watch Katie Hopkins!

Australian Northern Territory Chief Minister States He is Not Harming Aboriginal People, He is Protecting Them With Forced Vaccinations

WHO Skips ‘Xi’ in Greek Alphabet for Naming Coronavirus Variants ‘to Avoid Stigma’

One thought on ““I am the science” Fraudci still doesn’t know where the virus originated”

  1. Fausti doesn’t know where the virus he paid a Chinese bio lab millions of American tax dollars to gain-in-function originated?! Yeah right.

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