Germany: not mental illness, Islam caused the stabbing

Initially, investigators had worked on the theory that the Syrian was suffering from mental illness as the motive for the stabbing attack aboard an intercity ICE train near Seubersdorf earlier this month

Police Find Islamic State Videos During Search of Syrian Train Attacker Apartment

German police say they have found Islamic State propaganda videos in the possession of the Syrian migrant who stabbed four people on a train earlier this month, indicating a possible extremist Islamic motive.

A police search of the 27-year-old Syrian’s apartment revealed that he was in possession of several propaganda videos from the Islamic State terrorist group, the attorney general in Munich said this week.

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In world first, Germany sentences Iraqi jihadist to life in prison for Yazidi genocide

From France 24  A Frankfurt court on Tuesday handed a life sentence to an Iraqi man who joined the Islamic State group for genocide against the Yazidi minority, in the first verdict worldwide to use the label. Taha Al-Jumailly, 29, was found guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity resulting …Read More…