Mass Hysteria & Fear Creates Big Profits

Rand Paul Blasts Fraudci; “He Routinely Ignores Science, Causes Hysteria And Creates Fear”

“This is the opposite of what you really want as far as someone leading your public health effort.”

Rand Paul: Pro-Vaxxers ‘Won’t Be Happy Until They Get Your Newborn’

Anthony Fauci One Year Ago: Pandemic Won’t Last ‘A Lot Longer’ Due to Vaccines

Bill That Would Have Forced Unvaxxed to Pay Their Own Medical Costs Pulled

Lawmaker says legislation was “divisive.”

You bet it was. Why did we ever allow it to get that far?

Pfizer CEO Declares FOURTH COVID Shot Needed “Sooner Than Expected”

Last month, Bourla declared that people who spread “misinformation” about COVID-19 vaccines, meaning anything running counter to what he and the CDC says about them, should be treated as “criminals.” 

Even though he admits there is “very little information” to go on

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is moving to alter the definition of “fully vaccinated.” 

This is not a leader. This is a headless palace chook:

Court Case: Facebook Admits ‘Fact Checks’ Are Only Opinion!

Facebook just blew their “fact check” claims right out of the water in court.

In its response to John Stossel’s defamation claim, Facebook responds on Page 2, Line 8 in the court document (download it below) that Facebook cannot be sued for defamation (which is making a false and harmful assertion) because its ‘fact checks’ are mere statements of opinion rather than factual assertions.

Opinions are not subject to defamation claims, while false assertions of fact can be subject to defamation. The quote in Facebook’s complaint is,

“The labels themselves are neither false nor defamatory; to the contrary, they constitute protected opinion.”

So, in a court of law, in a legal filing, Facebook admits that its ‘fact checks’ are not really ‘fact’ checks at all, but merely ‘opinion assertions.’

This strikes me as public relations disaster, and possibly a looming legal disaster for Facebook, PolitiFact, Climate Feedback and other left-leaning entities that engage in biased “fact checking.”

Such “fact checks” are now shown to be simply an agenda to supress free speech and the open discussion of science by disguising liberal media activism as something supposedly factual, noble, neutral, trustworthy, and based on science.

It is none of those.

Here is the court filing:


See more here: