We are nothing but lab rats for Fraudci & Co

Fraudci Says Unvaxxed Relatives Not Worthy Enough to Attend Family Christmas Gatherings


Dr. Anthony Fauci is a thin-skinned, unstable ideologue with visions of grandiosity.  He has wreaked havoc on our nation and permeated a major crisis on the global stage with his poor advice on COVID-19.   He personifies a mentally and emotionally unstable person within his worldview.

Fauci is representative of a group of psychologically unstable people who need a career operating in government systems and institutions, because they could never be successful in the private sector.  They can only succeed in academia and institutions without merit-based structures.

These are very disturbed people who have allowed a taste of power and influence to fuel an underlying narcissism. Their disorder exhibits as vengeful bitterness, the result of adolescent isolation and no emotional balance.  History will not look well upon Anthony Fauci any more than history reflects well upon Josef Mengele.

In this short Q&A snippet, Anthony Fauci reveals his bitter worldview by saying unvaccinated people should be told to stay away from family events this Christmas.  Notice the reference point of the response is that people should appreciate being in his presence.    WATCH (18 Seconds):

Notice how Fauci doesn’t have that “tell them not to show up” outlook toward unvaccinated illegal aliens entering the country?


Angry Joe Biden Doubles Down on Vaccine Mandate, Claims He Must Destroy American Liberty to Save People


The White House occupant is a notoriously unlikeable man of intemperate disposition.   Amid his unstable moments of anger and bitterness toward those who he now describes as “unpatriotic people” who are refusing his vaccine mandate, Biden doubled down in his position:


You will take his jab, and you will like it.  This is not a mentally stable person.

Talking down to people is very off-putting.   Shouting and belittling people is very unbecoming.  Joe Biden is a very unlikable person; adding a dog isn’t going to help change that reality.