The Great Reset, Gene Therapy & Myocardits

The Great Reset; Still a Conspiracky?

The very real thing that doesn’t exist.

Paul Joseph Watson

New documents have been obtained concerning the move towards ‘The Great Reset’ – which the media claims is a baseless conspiracy theory that doesn’t exist.

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Just because you prefer to be ignorant or dense doesn’t mean the ‘Great Reset’ is not happening.

Fight the Great Reset!

Imagine a global elite deciding how you live, work, communicate and do business.

Most Aussies haven’t heard of the Great Reset agenda, which is a bizarre mix of socialism and crony capitalism. It’s an agenda where big government and big business rule the roost, and where us regular folk will apparently “own nothing” and “be happy” about it, as is advocated in this actual still from a World Economic Forumadvertisement for the Great Reset:

What this means is that big government and big business will own everything and we will rent property, goods and services from them, all of which can and will be taken away from us at any given time, especially if we defy mandated social norms. So be happy… or else!

The World Economic Forum — or WEF — is a group of wealthy and powerful world leaders from politics, big business, and NGOs, including Klaus Schwab, George Soros, the Chairman of the International Business Council, the CEO of the Bank of America, the head of the International Monetary Fund, Prince Charles, Al Gore and even Greta Thunberg!

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Medicare release new MBS number specifically for diagnosis of Myocarditis associated with the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.
From the 1st January 2022 a new Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) item is being introduced for cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to help in diagnosing myocarditis that may occur after vaccination with the mRNA Covid-19 vaccinations.
For the Australian government to release a specific MBS item suggests that this is not a rare adverse reaction at all but quite a significant number of these adverse events must be occurring.

“The Most Dangerous Bureaucrat in the History of the Country” – Ted Cruz Rips Fauci

For years these elites have been trying to sell and market their agenda for change by influencing the policies of national governments: the great political reset!

In other words, an unelected global elite operating outside the law deciding for ordinary citizens how they will live, work, communicate and do business in the future.

Is this the future that we envision for ourselves? Who decides YOUR FUTURE – global elites, the government or YOU?

Make no mistake, these WEF elites want full control over our private lives. They want the world to move to a profit model based on human and social costs capital via social engineering.

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