Australia: Two years of promoting fear. Time to stop this now.

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan to lockout unvaccinated parents from seeing their sick kids in hospital.

Video police want SCRUBBED from the internet goes VIRAL again

Shocking bodycam footage that Victoria police tried to bury by threatening Avi Yemini with jail time has now been seen by ANOTHER 500k+ people in less than 24 hours.

That is fake news.

Switch off the fear porn

A vigorous and investigative media is critical to the wellbeing of any free, liberal democracy like Australia.
Unfortunately, the legacy media seems intent upon fear-mongering and the stifling of dissenting opinions.
Take my advice, switch them off.
“Any good-faith analysis of the anti-#AustraliaDay movement has no choice but to conclude there is nothing that can be done to appease the movement to the point it ‘stops’ short of a complete demolition of the entire country…”