Djokovic to be deported from Australia, court rules

The tennis star has lost his appeal to remain in Australia following the government’s decision to cancel his visa

Let’s cut to the chase:

The government’s case included the argument that by allowing the unvaccinated Djokovic to remain in the country, it would incite anti-vaccination sentiments among the population.

That makes it an entirely political decision that shows the Oz gubbermint & the courts are totally in the grip of the Pharma Mafia and no resistance will be tolerated.

“Rightly or wrongly he’s perceived to endorse an anti-vaccination view. And his presence here seems to contribute to that and could lead to more people becoming anti-vaxxers,” government lawyer Stephen Lloyd had said.

Djokovic’s lawyers disputed that he was in any way a “risk”to Australia’s public health and order, asserting that a decision to remove him from the country could trigger more anti-vaccine sentiment than allowing him to remain and compete in Melbourne.

Some Aussies will get it. Most don’t. The problem is that we are no longer a nation of convicts, but of prison wardens. What a pitiful state of affairs.


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  1. Some Australians, in chains, look at others who are free and ask “why aren’t they also in chains?”
    Why is not the response: “why aren’t I also free?”

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