Malaysia seems to have a big Covid problem

Watch to the end. This is quite graphic stuff.

As the infographic shows, it goes right down through the Indonesian Archipelago from Thailand, Myanmar etc. so, when it crosses into Australia via the Torres Straits no one should be surprized; except no one’s looking up there. They’re storing bodies in refrigerated containers here; the crematoriums can’t meet demand. Take care, stay safe and don’t believe what the loonies tell you about losing your rights & freedoms.It also should be noted; Asian countries tend to follow government directives….good luck Australia!!

3 thoughts on “Malaysia seems to have a big Covid problem”

  1. Should have warned us to turn off the sound. Listening to a hysterical woman screaming in another language wasn’t helpful. Would be nice to either have a translation or some sort of information like why are the white coats running away?

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