Quadruple-Vaxed Israel Breaks World Record

Quadruple-Vaxed Israel Breaks World Record in Coronavirus Cases

In yet another pandemic-related first, Israel is now the number one country in the world for new coronavirus infections per capita, with a daily rate of 0.6  percent of the population testing positive.

Israel has seen lead the world in many pandemic-related aspects. It was the first country to close its borders when the outbreak began in March 2020. A year later, it became the first country to aggressively inoculate its population with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

It became the first country to introduce a booster shot as well as the first to introduce a fourth job of the vaccine to over 60s and at-risk populations. It’s now expected to be the first country to begin administering booster shots to children over the age of five.

Israel also adopted the world’s most aggressive approach to stop Omicron. Despite this, numbers have soared so high that the Health Ministry’s dashboard crashed, with the ministry stopping the count altogether.

We cannot allow this to go on:

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