France: Zemmour Rocks!

Here is Zemmour arguing with a leftist lunatic over how many refugees/asylum seekers he would accept if he was to gain power in France:

Eric Zemmour and The Future of France (Part 1)

France: Woman stabbed 59 times by her Muslim partner must pay him $36,000, his lawyer warns against ‘Islamophobia’

Macron proposes ‘Schengen Council’ to coordinate EU ‘border security’ with open borders

ToyBoy Macron cannot be trusted on anything.

France: Muslim holding a Qur’an and screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ injures three people with a wrench

France: ‘Investigating political Islam quickly comes down to being called Islamophobic in public’

This is a tactic that is employed the world over, and the witless Infidels keep falling for it, having no idea how they’re being manipulated. “In Roubaix, ‘investigating political Islam quickly comes down to being called Islamophobic”.

The answer is not to give in. When they scream like seared pigs you know you’re onto something. That’s the time to tighten the screws. But we are much too cowed to do anything about Muselmanic chicanery.