Moderna patented COVID three years ago

Is the #Corona over? Can I come out now?

The U.S. is (still) spending $53 million a DAY buying oil from Russia.

Let that sink in.

Putin is threatening nuclear war and Joe Biden took the weekend off.

Unvaccinated #Woolies employees start losing their jobs TODAY.

Alexandra Marshall
Why hasn’t anyone in mainstream media sat Greg Hunt down and asked him what the hell he was doing working as Director of Strategy for The World Economic Forum? Not only is it a conflict of interest (with him giving government projects to WEF partners), it’s foreign interference.
I can’t help but notice that global conflict is going to allow all of our governments to escape prosecution and civil outrage for their #covid19 health orders.
The biggest problem for Western leaders is consistency. All of them, including acted like tyrants for two years – banning human and civil rights for the unvaccinated. Some are still doing it. When they say they stand against tyranny, no one believes them.