The Virus of Canuckistan

“When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” —Thomas Jefferson

This is terrifying’: What Justin Trudeau is doing in Canada is ‘insane’

“Justin Trudeau has declared an emergency act,” Mr Dean said. “The strongest and most repressive tool in his government to try and silence and starve these people – to stop them getting their hands on their own money, to stop them getting petrol, to stop them getting food.” Mr Trudeau said the powers were needed to quell the continuing Freedom Convoy protests. “This is terrifying,” Mr Dean said.

When the Australians are saying a government has gone insane, that’s when you know the Canadian government has gone insane.

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Trudeau’s Prohibition on Protests Exempts Refugees, Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities

It’s about the natives. The natives will have nothing when he is done with them.

What’s next? Will they put the protestors up against the wall or in concentration camps?

Regional states within Australia were the former apexes of totalitarian government in the era of COVID compliance.  Australia’s Zero-COVID approach led to border closures, years of regional lockdowns, armed and patrolled checkpoints, mandated vaccines, guarded quarantine camps and manhunts for escapees, forced detainment of minority populations, police shooting rubber bullets at protest groups, cracked skulls and a completely segregated society awaiting their third and fourth booster shot before they can get past the supermarket gates.

However, even with all that… Australia never locked the bank accounts of its citizens and confiscated their property if they dared raise a voice of dissent against their “for your own good” beatings.  The pundits in Australia now look jaw-agape at how the COVID Cancer from Down Under has metastasized in the body politic of their cousins.  WATCH (2 parts):


Part II