This was never about a Virus

How many “jabs” & “boosters” does it take for you to wake up?

Ottawa Police Brutalize 78-Year-Old Man for Honking

The arrest took place amid attempts to crack down on a trucker-led protest in Canada’s capital dubbed the “Freedom Convoy” demanding an end to civil rights abuses by the Canadian government in the name of stopping the spread of Chinese coronavirus, including vaccine and mask mandates and business shutdowns.

Freedom Convoy: Truckers Form New Border Blockade in Manitoba

Biden Regime Urges Justin Trudeau to Use Federal Powers Against Trucker Blockade

‘not ruling out any options’

Creepy Joe reportedly urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to use federal powers to quell the truck blockade.

Ottawa Mayor Mocks Freedom Convoy

Canada: Alberta Premier Apologizes for Comparing the Unvaccinated to AIDS Patients

Sick: New Zealand Cops Drag Naked Vax Mandate Protester by Hair

The woman was dragged away by her hair before being detained (pictured) as protests against Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s hard-line Covid policies turned ugly

A naked woman attempted to jump through a police barricade during ugly protests in Wellington on Thursday before she was arrested and led away by officers

Hundreds of vehicles carrying thousands of people has spent several days heading from the northern and southern-most points of the country to the capital of Wellington, where they snarled up traffic today

Virus came from wet market – Debunked Masks are effective – Debunked Tests are accurate – Debunked People dying by vs with Covid – Debunked Vaccines prevent infection – Debunked Vaccines prevent transmission – Debunked Vaccines are safe – Debunked Narrative – Debunked

Protesters gather around New Zealand’s main parliament building, where several have now pitched tents and declared they are in the city for the ‘long haul’

Flag-waving demonstrators pose for cameras in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, as they take part in protests against continued Covid restrictions affecting the country