Aussie politicians are the enemy of the people

Pay attention: the media and gov are trying to move our attention on from their Covid crimes.

All countries are working together to set up the NWO.

All have the same boss. It’s a charade.

Russians can no longer pay for Netflix and Spotify with their bank cards, they also can no longer use Apple pay or Google pay. Before we get rid of cash and go fully down this path, it’s worth thinking both about the fragility of the system, and who can turn it off and on.

ABC doctor makes an a$$ of himself:

The ABC’s Dr Norman Swan says Russian soldiers and Ukrainians are both at risk from more than war — warning of a fresh Covid-19 outbreak.

Heads should roll over this:

Meta rejects Craig Kelly’s demand to suspend factchecking on Facebook during election campaign

“Meta” stands for Zuckerbuggers Facebook, in case you missed that he recently renamed it.

United Australia party leader tells parliamentary committee Facebook enforcing its community standards on politcians’ posts is ‘foreign interference’

Independent MP Craig Kelly asked Meta to guarantee there would be no blocking, shadow-banning, or deplatforming political candidates or parties. 

Meta has rejected a demand from United Australia party leader Craig Kelly to suspend its community standards enforcement and factchecking on politicians’ posts on Facebook during the upcoming federal election campaign.

Kelly, who had his Facebook and Instagram accounts banned last year for allegedly breaching the company’s misinformation policy over posts promoting unproven Covid-19 treatments ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, described the practice as “foreign interference”. Kelly has previously denied his social media posts contained “misinformation”, claiming they were backed up and their removal amounted to censorship.

F*kcerbook censorship is legendary. Their “community standards” don’t exist. They make it up as they please. And its all against conservatives, all of the time. More below the fold.

The breath-taking arrogance of Australian politicians:

They seriously believe that people are so desperate to visit Australia that they’ll voluntarily allow themselves to be locked up in COVID camps for weeks at THEIR OWN EXPENSE.

What planet do these arrogant pigs live on?

John Ruddick:

The politics has turned and therefore COVIDmania is being wound up – good.

But we can’t just sweep the past two years under the carpet and move on. We need Royal Commissions to expose all the mindless & harmful COVID measures because if they get away with it they’ll do it again.

No. We had enough “Royal Commissions”. We need Nuremberg II.

At a hearing of the parliamentary committee examining social media and online safety, Kelly asked officials from Meta to guarantee “there will be no foreign interference by Meta in the Australian election” by blocking, shadow-banning, or deplatforming political candidates or parties.

Facebook’s head of public policy in Australia, Josh Machin, said the company would continue to apply its community standards policy. Kelly asked whether that meant posts would be factchecked and their reach reduced or posts removed, and Machin said the current rules would continue to apply.

Anti-vaxx protesters outside Parliament House in Canberra
Australian online anti-vaccine groups switch to Putin praise and Ukraine conspiracies

“If a piece of content violates our community standards then yes, we’ll be removing it,” he said. “And that’s a really important protection that we have in place in order to protect the safety and the integrity of the election campaign.

Kelly argued the policy was potentially a breach of the implied freedom of political speech. Machin said the policy is applied evenly for politicians and the rest of the public.