Brandon goes to Poland

Joe Biden Wears a Mask to Visit the Troops in Poland

If they can spy on President Trump, they can spy on you. If they can lie about Hunter Biden’s laptop, they can lie about anything.

Will the information and child porn on Hunter Biden‘s laptop get our power and internet shut down, before it’s exposed to the world?

Author Peter Schweizer said there is growing evidence that Joe Biden’s son Hunter is going to be indicted by the US Justice Department for his dubious overseas business dealings.

Why Hunter Biden’s laptop really matters

The real scandal was the elites’ ruthless and authoritarian attempt to bury the laptop story.

‪The way the woke elites tried to crush the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop was outrageous. They defamed and silenced anyone who tried to share it. Yet now, 18 months on, they admit it was true. These authoritarians have no shame, says Brendan O’Neill‬

Hang in there, folks…It’s gonna be over before you know it…

Elections have consequences, stolen elections have catastrophic consequences” – Steve Bannon.

Biden and his corrupted Marxist team are trying to cover up the corruption that he was intimately involved in with the Ukraine government. Bury everything in rubble and no one will ever know.

Biden the Dummy: “I’m going to raise your taxes” Biden Supporters: “Yes!!”



Rep. Darrell Issa Hits Twelve Individuals Involved in Hunter Biden ‘Laptop From Hell’ Election Interference with Document Preservation Notices

‘not going to let’ Big Tech, Media, Deep State Erase ‘history of their collusion’

Ann Coulter: Protecting Biden Is a Full-Time Job for the New York Times

Only demented Guardian swine could cook up something as stupid as this:

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