COVID-4Eva! Lockdowns-4Eva!

Anthony Fauci: We Must Be ‘Flexible’ Enough to Reinstitute Mandates If Necessary


Fraudci Floats Return of Mandates

JUST IN – Moderna asked the FDA for “emergency authorization” of a second booster injection of its COVID vaccine for all adults, the NYT reports.

I have been writing about this for YEARS but even now people will call you a conspiracy theorist if try to make them understand.

Ukraine just silently announced it’s the first country to implement the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ by setting up a Social Credit Application combining Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Digital Identity & a Vaccine Passport all within their Diia app.

Ukraine is the bedrock of the WEF’s Great Reset ‘Digital EID Wallet’ experimentation. Blueprint for the West.

The question remains, why are Globalists supporting Ukraine? Support from Soros, the WEF, & left-wing leaders never comes without a price tag or an ulterior motive.

Yes, the crisis is being used to end the existence of private property. 

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