Ukraine: Biden & Bojo beg Soddy Barbaria, Venezuela & Iran for oil

Ethical Alternative? Boris May Beg Saudis to Boost Oil Supply Despite Mass Beheadings on Saturday

It’s not a conflict with Ukraine, it’s a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Lorrie Goldstein

Hundreds of courageous anti-war protesters in Russia are being arrested. If you see them chanting what sounds like ‘nyet vigh-NAH’ it means ‘No war’.
‘In acts of cautious, but unusual dissent, Russian pop stars, journalists, a television comedian and a footballer opposed the war online after President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine.’ More than 1,600 anti-war protesters arrested in Russia:

One of the dumbest things you will ever see, or maybe not.

It’s NPR:

Can you still cope or do you need a safe space?