Covid & the WEF

“Putin has the tanks, but he will never gain the trust of the IRANIAN people” – Biden at the SOTU

As we fight for democracy in Ukraine, now would be good time to end the authoritarian emergency powers being used to bypass “democracy” in Australian states and federally too.

If Putin is fighting the New World Order then why is Russia onboard with the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Russia Joins Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network

Part of the Forum’s global Network, the new Centre will bring together leading businesses, policy makers and members of civil society to co-design and pilot innovative approaches to technology governance.

Gas prices are shooting up faster than the Biden vote count at 2am

“Fact-checkers” never existed until the truth started coming out.

Alexandra Marshall
‘Covid Safe’ has become a corporate brand – nothing more. Vaccine mandates are not based in science. Double & triple jabbed workforces across Australia are full of #Covid19. Sacking healthy unvaccinated staff is a MARKETING EXERCISE, pandering to fear-mongers. #BoyCottWoolworths