Embrace Green Energy, Peasants!

Ukrainian Refugees Top Two Million

Joe Biden released a 9/11 hijacker from Guantanamo for his “mental health.” Why is nobody talking about this?

Can we get an excel sheet of where there $14 billion “for Ukraine” is going?

Disney CEO Caves to Leftists: Pledges $5 Million to LGBTQ Groups over Florida Bill

Disney +Children + Homo Promo. They really want to get them young.

Kindergartners are natural social justice warriors’

Biden Nat’l Economic Council Head Deese: ‘No Amount of Domestic Production We Can Do to Reduce’ Gas Prices

Embrace Green Energy, Peasants!

Democrats Fail to Shove Green Cards for Biden’s Afghans in Spending Bill

Media Adopts Biden’s Strategy of Blaming Putin for Gigantic Gas Prices

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  1. Re: “Media Adopts Biden’s Strategy of Blaming Putin for Gigantic Gas Prices” – and the world is heading for a “catastrophic” global food crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine, which will cause “hell on earth” for food prices, according to some “experts.”

    BULLSHIT. This was deliberately planned by governments when they paid farmers to destroy their crops “because global warming” AND when they allowed the billionaires like Buffett to close down the ports to induce “supply chain” problems, which also therefore drove up “inflation.” This is all their RESET in action.

      1. Da. And, since nobody has arrested Warren Buffett yet for deliberately closing the ports, it seems to be a global-level TREASON conspiracy as well:


        “A friend sent this to me… Origins of a “Supply Chain Crisis.”

        Supply chain “crisis” is bullshit!

        The global economy is being intentionally choked to death. I am a west coast longshoreman, please allow me to explain why there are so many cargo vessels anchored near our ports waiting to be unloaded. About two decades ago we gave up storing merchant inventory in warehouses and freight stations in favor of “just in time inventory.” The system does function well as long as merchants are actually taking delivery of the cargo and the transportation industry is doing it’s job. Keep in mind that since the scamdemic, roughly 50% of our national work force has been getting paid to stay home. So, there are fewer trucks actually coming to the terminals to remove cargo to it’s final destination, but the far larger problem is that the monopoly railroad (BNSF owned by Warren Buffet) has stopped bringing empty rail cars to the terminals. They will only bring loaded rail cars to the terminals, which only exacerbates the problem because there is no room on the docks to put the export rail cargo in order to empty the rail cars. The cycle repeats over and over again, but the terminal congestion is never eased and the ships continue to wait at anchor. As you can imagine, a container ship is a VERY EXPENSIVE piece of equipment to have sitting idle at anchor. As they sit idle waiting their turn to berth the shipping rates continue to rise because the ship owners have to recoup the cost of lost time as the vessels are forced to essentially be used for storage rather than transport. At this time the cost of shipping a 40 foot container has gone from $2,500 to $25,000. These costs will break the backs of all but the largest retailers. Say good-bye to the independent shop owners as Walmart, Costco, Home Depot and Target become your only shopping options. By the way, the terminal gate operations are often times independently paid for by these large retailers, which means that the small retailers cannot get a booking to even pick up their containers, all the while being charged demurrage fees for their container storage on the terminal (Think impound fee’s at the tow truck yard when your car is impounded). The “Just in time inventory” system has been sabotaged and broken by the railroad (Warren Buffet) who is now charging 10X the normal rate to move cargo and the retailers have no choice but to pay it or go out of business for want of product. This would be genius if it were not entirely evil. This will trend will continue until the cargo can be removed from the terminals to allow space for the cargo that is currently at anchor, floating in our harbors. And I hear on the radio that the longshore workers have slowed down, causing the vessel backup. This is absolutely offensive…

  2. Even more Fun Facts, From here:

    62 ships with countless containers full of junk, mostly from China still unable to port and unload. The government and media say it’s because of the “epic” buying power of the US citizens prepping for the holidays. BS

    Californian officials are blaming labor shortages and trucking shortages. BS

    Here’s some facts from the trucking industry.

    The NEWS says the California port situation is caused by a driver shortage.

    Not so fast: It is in part caused by a California Truck Ban which says all trucks must be 2011 or newer and a law called AB 5 which prohibits Owner Operators.

    Traditionally the ports have been served by Owner Operators (non union). California has now banned Owner Operators.

    Long term, truckers in California are not investing in new trucks because California has a law that makes them illegal in 2035. The requirement is to purchase electric trucks which do not exist.
    And in the words of Paul Harvey, “Now you know the rest of the story”

    BUSINESS CARB to begin blocking certain trucks’ DMV registrations in 2020

    Carriers domiciled in California with trucks older than 2011 model, or using engines manufactured before 2010, will need to meet the Board’s new Truck and Bus Regulation beginning in 2020 or their vehicles will be blocked from registration with the state’s DMV, the state has said.
    The new “health-based requirements” will need to be met before a driver is allowed to register his or her truck through the Department of Motor Vehicles, CARB says. A new enforcement tool used by the DMV beginning in 2020 will automatically block 2010 and older trucks from registration.
    Then there’s the $5+ a gallon diesel prices in California. We simply aren’t going there and paying those prices.

    Wake up people your $20 gallon of milk is coming with your $10 loaf of bread.

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