Ukraine, staged coup d’état

Biden Not Cognitively Capable of Leading’

Obama White House Doctor Demands Biden Resign Now: ‘He Doesn’t Know What’s Going On With Ukraine!’ ‘He Needs To RESIGN Before Our Country Suffers Anymore’

If you think Russia is the ultimate evil empire, Putin is an evil madman and Ukraine is free and democratic, and Zelenky is wonderful, then you are on the side of Soros, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Blinken, Pelosi, Schumer, Romney and Graham, all cheering on war with Russia.

Biden: ‘Putin just decides he’s gonna invade Russia’

Imagine! Putin invading Russia. But it has to be said: Ukraine, Georgia, Crimea, Belarus and all these other satellite statelets are all part of greater Russia. Their autonomy is rather dodgy, but they are certainly not part of NATO.

Soros is not welcome, and his “Open Society” organizations have been banned from the following countries:

Pakistan, Poland , Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Philippines, and Israel has said he’s not welcome there either.

THEY LUST FOR WAR: 42 GOP Senators Including Mitch McConnell Call on Joe Biden to Send MiGs to Ukraine to Bomb Russians

Russian Orthodox Priest Celebrates Big Tech’s Boycott Of Russia: “I Never Want To See Women With Mustaches” (VIDEO)


Germany blackmails Serbia, dangling EU carrot