We need a vaccine against ‘climate change’

Is the Covid scam collapsing?

This propaganda will spook nutroots for years to come.

Same happened in Austria. Their health minister resigned just a few days ago.

The Alarming Trends in COVID Jab Side Effects:

The newest data from a large German health insurance company and the Israeli Ministry of Health continue to show side effects from the COVID jabs and boosters are anything but ‘rare.’ Further, a cost-benefit analysis shows this group is 51 times more likely to die from the jab than from COVID.
mRNA spike protein + low-level nuclear radiation will result in global cancer deaths:
It is now becoming abundantly obvious what the next phase is going to be for achieving global depopulation.
The spike protein mRNA injections cause about a 90 percent suppression of the DNA repair mechanism known as NHEJ – Non-Homologous End-Joining.
This is a cellular mechanism that exists inside the cells of humans, animals and plants to maintain genetic integrity — a necessary condition for life.
When NHEJ is suppressed, the body cannot repair DNA damage and begins to grow micro tumors.
All that is necessary for globalists to kill those five billion people is to unleash a new source of low-level ionizing radiation that circulates across the globe… and then let physics do the rest.
COVID False Flag, Why a Financial Collapse Is Guaranteed:
The real motivations behind the pandemic go far deeper than most think – including a global debt problem and desperate ploy to keep the bubble afloat. According to this former BlackRock portfolio manager, a financial collapse is guaranteed.

Just to creep you out: