Are you enjoying your freedom?

After “two weeks to flatten the curve” you are now allowed to take the stupid face masks off and do things that used to be considered ‘normal’. Provided you are double vaxxed and boostered, of course. If you did not submit to being a lab rat, if you resisted the relentless propaganda & your blood remains uncontaminated, you are an enemy of the state. In that  case you can kiss your freedom goodbye. You will not be able to travel overseas and you cannot have a meal in a restaurant. That’s just for starters.

Alexandra Marshall
Never forget, our governments mandated vaccines while deliberately concealing crucial information about their side effects. They stole our civil rights, silenced medical dissent, and used public resources to protect international pharmaceutical companies from legal strife. WHY?
Never forget this  vomit inducing ad your taxpayer dollars was wasted on:

What came first: the vax or the virus?

Trudeau: allowing people to speak = democracy slipping

Irony isn’t just dead in Canada. It has been hung, drawn & quartered, and dragged through the snow.