Australia: Covid “Science” Becomes Covid Dictatorship

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has extended the state’s pandemic declaration for another three months.

Alexandra Marshall:

Coercion is NOT consent. How does the #TGA let McGowan get away with this? “We’ve got to drive our third dose rate up. So we’re at, I think it’s 73.6 per cent today, we obviously have to keep driving that rate up and the mandates are the way we do it.”

An overwhelming number of West Australians believe it is time for Premier Mark McGowan to ditch the COVID-19 mask rules — according to a new poll.

Actually, they’re putting in foundations in for saying anti vax are “mentally ill”. new narrative.

Revolting. ScoMo is still paying Aussie taxpayer dollars to these imbeciles.

Good grief, what happened here?

Apparently this is a parody – pretty funny though.

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