Brooklyn Terrorist is a Nation of Islam Adherent

As soon as I heard about this horror I wondered if is was Jihad. And now we know.

Brooklyn shooter Frank James posted Nation of Islam founder ‘Messenger of Allah’ image on social media

According to Heavy, Frank James, who is being sought in connection with the Brooklyn subway shooting, went by the name Frank Whitaker on social media. Back in 2014, he posted this: Does that make him a jihadi? No, not in itself. But it suggests at least an affinity for the Nation of Islam, which has never rejected the violence aspects of orthodox Islam. It’s an interesting aspect of the case, although the clueless and compromised feds are virtually certain to ignore it.

NYC shooter was on FBI’s terrorist radar until 2019, when he was cleared after interviews

Another black eye for the corrupt and compromised FBI, which has been too busy persecuting parents who protest at school board meetings and Trump supporters to be concerned about actual terrorists. “NYC subway shooter’s Philly-rented U-Haul is found abandoned on Brooklyn highway five miles from where he shot ten straphangers: Gunman was on FBI’s terrorist […]

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