The Disney Grooming Disaster


Disney shareholders are in a panic after losing $2.4 billion in stock value in one day!

If you have sexual conversations with kids and hide those conversations from their parents, you are a groomer. This isn’t complicated.

Woke Disney Takes Huge Hit: Independents ‘No Longer Trust’

Woke Meltdown Continues

Cher: Parental Rights Laws in Florida, Other States will Lead to ‘Gov Sanctioned Violence’

Protecting your children from Disney perverts is driving woketards out of their f*kcing minds. Go figure!

Poll: Nearly 70 Percent of American Voters Less Likely to Do Business with Woke Disney

Twitter Censors Jack Posobiec for Calling Disney ‘Groomers’

Twitter’s Woke Staff ‘Super Stressed’ by Elon Musk Chaos

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