Depopulation, forced starvation, New World Order, Communism….

This UN creep has to be stopped.

Why should we care about how #China’s #Communists treat their own people in #Shanghai? Because that’s the way they’ll treat us if they ever get the opportunity. #CCP #COVID19

As we’re seeing in #Shanghai, #China’s #Communists are both murderous and incompetent. #CCP #COVID19

Either Xi Jinping is trying to scare the world with #Shanghai, or he over-sold the threat of #covid19 to his own people. I’m leaning toward the latter. He has to ruthlessly pursue Covid Zero or the population might turn on his regime creating a gap for a political rival.

Food “shortages”. This is depopulation, planned and organized by the Chinese government. And it is going to be happening n other countries too. If the people of China do not rise up and take control back a lot of them are going to die.

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