Queenslands Wellcamp for Vax Resisters

Queenslands concentration camp for vax resisters:

You must watch this to understand what’s going on:

The facility was originally commissioned as a place for international arrivals to complete their compulsory 14-day quarantine however, questions around the necessity of the facility have been raised as the pandemic eases.

One thought on “Queenslands Wellcamp for Vax Resisters”

  1. Sadly Qld is the Home of the Most Cretinous Imbeciles God Ever stuffed Guts into-They Will Vote for this Lippy Smeared Boar again-They were Bought for a Free Ticket to the footy-“Line up She said at the Footy & get a Fauci Needle & a free ticket & a Free Chicken Schnitty” & The brain Dead SHEEP s did as they were told-A mob of Spineless Gullible SHEEP

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