Making Covid Tyranny Permanent


Power seized by government is not readily relinquished. That’s why Covid may never be over. Even if the ChiCom virus dies away completely, restrictions will linger.

Authoritarians in the land of Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler plan to impose mask mandates permanently:

Making Covid Tyranny Permanent

Here’s a link to the study PJW mentions, “Correlation Between Mask Compliance and COVID-19 Outcomes in Europe.” Key quote:

These findings indicate that countries with high levels of mask compliance did not perform better than those with low mask usage.

Mask mandates are a mere inconvenience compared to the underlying agenda. Their purpose is symbolic, like Gessler’s hat. Cheryl Chumley details what they symbolize in her new book Lockdown: The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom. Via Frontpage Magazine:

Chumley … is not reticent about identifying as “evil” the forces wreaking ruin in the world today; nor is she vague about their aim: leftists “want total and complete lockdowns of individual freedoms, individual rights, individually held liberties so they can stage their reset and reshape a new America, a new world, more in line with their collectivist and elitist beliefs. It’s called destroy, then rebuild. What they’re destroying is the Constitution; what they’re trying to rebuild is cultural Marxism and communist control.”

Jane Fonda isn’t the only leftist who regards Covid as a godsend. As Chumley writes, “Democrats saw opportunity to control. To expand power. To rule. To crush. To subjugate. To usher in political reforms, economic changes, and societal shifts…”

The fight against the ChiCom virus is petering out, but the real menace was always Big Government’s exploitation of Covid. That fight continues.

If pushback is not sufficient, the next pandemic will provide a pretext to move the ratchet yet another notch toward absolute tyranny.


Anyone administering these is participating in crimes against humanity.
How on earth could someone stick this into a baby and sleep at night?

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  1. that image of that little baby being injected, turns my stomach, makes my heart cry and ache. I pray that we speedily be delivered from these evil child-sacrificing entities.

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