BBC Applies Pressure to Accept Eating Insects

The relentless propaganda to make the eating of bugs acceptable is highly suspect. It is also annoying.

BBC Applies Pressure to Accept Eating Insects

As we have seen repeatedly, our moonbat rulers really do intend for us to eat insects instead of food. They have begun to apply social pressure to nudge the weak-minded into accepting the idea by implying that if you won’t choke down creepy-crawlies while Gavin Newsom et al. savor haute cuisine at the French Laundry, you are a bad person who hates the climate. You may even be a bigot.

Britain’s state media issues the order to like the idea of eating bugs through an African named Pascal Kwesiga:

The air in my family home in Uganda was filled with a distinct aroma, not dissimilar to the smell of beef being grilled. It was December 2000 and my sister, Maggie, was frying grasshoppers. The more she stirred the green, crispy locust-like insects, the stronger and richer the aroma became. As they sizzled and steam rose from the pan, my taste buds tingled – I couldn’t wait to eat this delicious snack.

You wouldn’t prefer your own culture’s idea of food to Africa’s, would you? That would be ethnocentric — or worse.

Kwesiga assures us that he ate grasshoppers regularly throughout his childhood, and that they taste better than meat. You can even fry them without cooking oil thanks to the slime that oozes out of them. More importantly, grasshoppers lower the carbon footprint of those who consume them by a factor of 10, according to an Expert.

The goal of gaining public acceptance for eating insects instead of meat is now part of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) effort.

The Experts have plenty of theoretical facts to prove we should eat bugs:

Replacing half of the meat eaten worldwide with mealworms and crickets could reduce farmland use by a third, freeing up 1,680 million hectares

Think of all the asylum seeker registration centers that could be built on that land.

Cultivating insects produces significantly fewer greenhouse gases than livestock production… Crickets, for example, produce up to 80% less methane than cows and 8-12 times less ammonia than pigs…

We can’t have people eating cows and pigs instead of bugs during a climate emergency, can we?

Kwesiga is a good person. Are you? When not everyone chooses to be a good person, Big Government has no choice but to resort to coercion.

The New York Times is already ready to move on to what’s next after eating bugs:


You know, I’m not actually against eating bugs. There’s no serious moral case against it that I can tell. Complete protein, high protein content. Cheap.
I’ve even eaten bugs before. Various insects in Cambodia, and I’ve had silkworms here in Vietnam. My only issue was that they just weren’t very nice.
The issue I have is not with eating bugs in and of itself, and I have no problem with anyone doing so. The issue I have is with the way it’s being promoted. The artificiality of it. Deeply technocratic, authoritarian elitists are pushing this shit hard. And it’s in a context as well – a context in which they are attacking farmers across multiple countries, creating conditions leading to food shortages.
A context in which they are seeking to radically re-engineer our lifestyles as a whole under the pretense of climate change and social justice and so on and so forth. And meanwhile they, of course, are exempt, jet setting around on their private jets eating the finest cuts prepared by Michelin star chefs.
It doesn’t feel like bugs are simply a product entering the market and being taken up due to public demand. It feels like an imposition. Our betters have a plan for us, and that plan calls for us to be eating bugs, so eat the damn bugs and be happy about it. You’re not going to have a choice anyway, so just get with the program.
No. Don’t tell me what to do. Fuck you. You can shove your bugs up your arse.

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  1. Why I won’t eat bugs… Go to google and check out what a fly blown looks like. Bugs eat the sheep while the sheep is alive. YUK!

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