Your daily dose of warming BS

Australia idiocy update: ‘What is a #woman?’ NSW Secretary of Health, Susan Pearce: ‘I don’t know that the health department has issued a definition of a woman.’ NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard: ‘Seriously, do we have to play these games? Get a life!’

Imagine believing there’s a ‘Climate Crisis’ after witnessing 3 straight years of endless Fraud. Lol.

No shiite. It’s called summer.

They locked us down to “flatten the Covid curve” Now they want to turn off the lights and heaters to “flatten the energy curve. People will freeze to death.

When you allow an 18-year old Swedish doom goblin truant with zero qualifications to set your energy policy. Don’t act so surprised when it goes belly up #ClimateScam

Mr Wong can’t explain Net Zero.

Hazzard doesn’t know what a woman is.

Reminder that ZERO of the ‘expert’ warnings regarding the climate have come true. Nada. Nothing. By now, any serious scientist would conclude that the theory is wrong. So what are the consequences?

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