#DiedSuddenly is happening all around us


Latest Twitter Files Reveal Company Suppressed Vaccine Sceptics, Even Eminent Doctors

SPAIN – 2021/03/03: In this photo illustration a medical syringe seen displayed in front of the Twitter logo.

Newly released documents detail how Twitter executives sought to censor accounts sharing “true but inconvenient” data about the COVID-19 vaccines, even when the accounts belonged to eminent medical scientists. For the full story, read David Zweig’s report in the Free Press (based on a Twitter thread he posted on Monday). But the DailyMail.com has summarised the highlights.

In the latest instalment of the Twitter Files, journalist David Zweig laid bare how both the Trump and Biden administrations pressured Twitter executives to censor information that was “true but inconvenient”.

The COVID #TwitterFiles just prove yet again that “follow the science” was just code for “don’t question the liberal global agenda”.

Lots of ‘died suddenly’ this year #DiedSuddendly

the FDA now admits that the COVID shots cause blood clots ONLY because the GOP is launching investigations and Musk is exposing the truth. Otherwise, we’d all still be drowning in their corruption and lies.

According to Dr. Peter McCullough, myocarditis cases among the pre-pandemic population totaled just four cases per million a year. But now this has spiked to 25,000 cases per million, following the mass-vaccination campaign. #Vaccines

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