Saving the planet by eliminating ourselves?

“Stay home, eat the bugs and be a slave” – #AndrewTate

F*kc the media whores & their tendentious BS propaganda:

The #ClimateScam is a multi-trillion dollar industry that has captured Wakademia, children & imbeciles.

Four leading Italian scientists have undertaken a major review of historical climate trends and concluded that a ‘climate emergency’ is not supported by the data.

Due to the “WOKE joke” Vanguard left the the UN’s “Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.” AZ, FL, KY, LA, MO, NC, TX, WV, & others pulled billions out of BlackRock, State Street & other asset firms. Their message: “Don’t bet our $ on climate scams!” Good message.#climatescam

The media has been weaponised for use against the public for many many decades now, this is why so many are still brainwashed, programmed and hypnotised inside The Matrix.

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