Dr. Simone Gold:

We are not going to be test subjects for experimental vaccines. We are not going to be subjected to mandates and lockdowns. We are not going to be bullied into submission by medical tyranny.

A reporter for ABC News Australia has revealed that she developed pericarditis after receiving her first dose of Pfizer Covid vaccine. In her own words, it has been “a living hell.” These are the stories the mainstream media and big pharma don’t want you to hear.

Looks like Gaddafi was right:

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have betrayed you. To protect their monopolies they sold you out to the deep state. Their products and services are used to spy on you and to manipulate you. Big Tech are co-conspirators in some of the biggest crimes against humanity.

All dogs should be slaughtered, starting with Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and all corrupt politicians who are working for the Globalists WEF..

David Rockefeller recruited Henry Kissinger Henry Kissinger recruited Klaus Schwab. Bill Gates took over for David Rockefeller. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are running the GREAT RESET Gates runs THE BILLIONAIRES CLUB with Soros, Buffet, Bloomberg, and Turner #StopTheWEFnow

Impoverished Canadians Seek Euthanasia As A Solution While Trudeau Vacations In Jamaica

teaser image

Canada’s euthanasia laws are becoming alluring to those people that cannot afford rising expenses…

Euthanasia is the next big thing.

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