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Good Lord, this can’t be true. Please tell me it isn’t:

‘Elon Musk Agreed’ with German Minister on EU Censorship Plan – Claim

Shock Report: Elon Musk Agreed with German Minister on E.U. Censorship Plan…

Elon Musk has agreed that Twitter must continue to combat “disinformation” ahead of coming EU censorship plans, a German minister has claimed.

Volker Wissing, Germany’s Federal Minister for Transport, has claimed that he and Elon Musk have agreed that Twitter must continue to fight “disinformation” in the lead-up to EU censorship controls coming into force.

Vlad Tepes video:

Katie Hopkins is at her peak these days. The takeaway is how the UK made a damned TV commercial normalizing children dropping dead from playing sports as if it always happened all the time and you are an idiot if you don’t accept that.

Nuremberg 2.0 NOW. 

Twitter Files Reveal CIA, Other Security State Involvement in ‘Free Market’ Censorship

Crenshaw does as Klaus Schwab tells him to…

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas Wednesday for calling opponents to Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s speaker bid “terrorists,” saying that Crenshaw was ignoring “real concerns” raised by conservatives.

“They’re terrorists now? It’s hard not to see the connection, because over the past few years pretty much every part of the war on terror has been turned against the domestic political enemies of the neocons,” Carlson said after airing a soundbite of Crenshaw. “So now they’re coming out and telling you what they told you about Iraq: Either you’re with us or against us. You’re on the side of light or darkness. You’re good or evil.”

Schwab, WEF:

It’s now 2023, which means we only have 7 years until Klaus Schwab wants us owning nothing, eating bugs, and using vax passports Unfortunately for him, there’s 50+ million Americans who refused the jab, stand strong for our Constitutional rights, and will only bend a knee to God.

Free Speech Under Threat From Police In Scotland, Says Index On Censorship

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Police Scotland denied it “had introduced a culture whereby ‘jokes’ or freedom of speech were curtailed.”

Free Speech is under threat everywhere where commies & subversives rule. Things are getting worse in Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France and wherever Klaus Schwab’s WEF corrupted politicians & “leaders” are embedded.

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