Davos NWO Conspiracy

Unless he is arrested & charged, Bourla will pretend nothing is wrong:

WHY…….That’s my question, WHY are they trying to get mRNA into every living being on the planet????

The cabal declares censorship must be enforced:

At the WEF, UN regulator issues a stern warning to Elon Musk: If you don’t comply and regulate speech, the UN will issue sanctions

NYT Lauds ‘Benefits’ of Communist China’s Strict Censorship Laws, Claims Mass Surveillance Offers ‘Own Kind of Freedom’

Imagine expecting your investment fund to actually be profitable instead of squandering your money on “climate change”.

Americans Want Investment Funds to Focus on Maximizing Profit, Not Combating Climate Change

Americans do not want investment firms to spend their hard-earned retirement money spent on climate change and would prefer investment firms to focus on maximizing profits for retirement, a poll exclusive to Breitbart News conducted by CRC Research for the 85 fund shows.

Every DemRat is a little commie PoS waiting to pounce:

Greta Thunberg protests climate inaction at World Economic Forum event in Davos

Climate activists protested in front of the world media on the final day of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Woke Lancet Announces ‘Medical Urgency’ of Climate Change

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