“Safe & effective”

Dr. Fauci funding the bioweapon that started the pandemic should be the biggest story of our time.

BREAKING: Elon Musk announces that the Fauci Files will be released later this week. Starting the 2023 year off right!

After they released Trump’s tax returns, now we want to see; – Pelosi’s tax returns – Fauci files – Epstein clients list

Elon Musk:

“Almost no one seems to realize that the head of bioethics at NIH – the person who is supposed to make sure that Fauci behaves ethically – is his wife” The Fauci Files are going to be explosive!

Fauci apparently has “no idea” what Elon Musk is talking about regarding the upcoming Fauci Files. Elon has exposed the FBI, CIA, DHS, Adam Schiff & Biden admin. Fauci should be terrified.

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