The Goracle in Davos: ‘Cow Farts Equal 1 Million Hiroshima Bombs & the Oceans Are Boiling’

I have traveled the world & the seven seas and I can assure you, I have never seen an ocean ‘boiling’. What I see, instead, are increasing numbers of hysterical climate loons trying to scare children, halfwits & dimwitted greenies to give him all their money to make the weather nicer.

Al Gore claims cow farts equivalent to 1 million Hiroshima bombs every day

The Goracles hysteria has become so great that only an industrial sized coal powered clittie tickler would suffice as he has been running around Davos screaming about the oceans boiling and a million Hiroshima bombs a day being released every time a cow farts. Meanwhile the “atmospheric rivers” (winter storms) in California that he claims are the result of you warming up your evening meal on a gas stove, have broken the drought that he claimed would never be broken and dumped record snow that has buried ski resorts that were supposed to be turned into skate parks.

Lurch lies whenever he opens his mouth:

“I Fly Commercial Exclusively!” – Climate Envoy John Kerry Rushes Away As Reporters in Davos Call Him Out For Flying on Private Jets (VIDEO)

Davos Plans For The Next Pandemic – Suggests National Digital Infrastructures To Track Vaccination

teaser image

The reasons for public resistance are not important to them, only the ways in which they can gain greater compliance


They’re Trying to Build a Prison

The truth about Davos.

Everything that comes out of the World Economic Forum is pure, unadulterated totalitarian garbage.

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