Today’s Warming Emergency, brought to you by Klaus Schwab & the WEF

Absurd Scenes As Police Clash With Climate Protesters Barricaded In Abandoned German Village

Nothing dumber than a bunch of German fanatics.

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Some activists perched on the roofs or the windows of the abandoned buildings, chanting and shouting slogans. Others hung suspended from wires and wooden frames, or were holed up in treehouses to make it harder for police to dislodge them.

Just when you thought this timeline couldn’t possibly get any dumber.

Patently absurd scenes took place during and after hundreds of police began clearing climate change protesters out of an abandoned village on Wednesday in a showdown over the expansion of an opencast lignite mine that has highlighted tensions around Germany’s climate policy during the country’s ongoing energy crisis.

California’s Emission Reduction Plan Lacks Clear Strategy: Report

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) in December 2022 adopted an “equity-focused” 300-page climate action plan, or roadmap, to meet the state’s goal of drastically reducing emissions and reaching carbon neutrality by 2045.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is a spoilt brat & a lunatic who has ruined California.

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…could make the process “costlier and/or disruptive for private businesses and households.”

That’s all this BS will ever do, apart from filling the pockets of the climate mafia.

California’s aggressive climate plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions “lacks a clear strategy,” the Legislative Analyst’s Office reported on Jan. 4.

“Despite the significant reductions needed to meet these goals, CARB’s plan does not identify which specific policies it will implement,” the report stated.

 US Consumer Product Safety Commission Denies Gas Stove Ban


“I am not looking to ban gas stoves and the CPSC has no proceeding to do so.”

American Gas Association Says Possible Ban On Gas Stoves ‘Reckless,’ Not Based On ‘Sound Science’

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“The authors conducted no measurements or tests based on real-lifeappliance usage…”

Truth comes out… we now know where the “banning gas stoves” nonsense originated from…

But that hasn’t stopped climate zealots like AOC from pushing the ban, going so far as to claim that gas stoves cause “cognitive disorders.”

In hindsight, AOC probably wishes she hadn’t said that because she teed herself up for a troll fest. After all, there are photos of her gas stove all over the internet.

So, where did this whole “ban gas stoves” thing start, anyway? Well, one very astute conservative put the pieces together and discovered that it basically started at WEF… where else, right?

Climate scam. Carbon dioxide credits (a tax). Artificially gut energy & make it unaffordable. Subsidise expensive electric cars. Inhuman Covid mismanagement. Steal property rights. Steal farm water & allow foreign companies & super funds to buy rights for profit & trading. …

One thought on “Today’s Warming Emergency, brought to you by Klaus Schwab & the WEF”

  1. Gavin Newsom is a ‘young global leader’.

    What are YGL?

    They are groomed, brainwashed and trained by the WEF and then infiltrated in governments all the world over to destroy their nations from inside, implement the WEF’ funders agenda and commit high treason against their citizens in the mean time.

    Few names that will explain why they were doing the exact same things at the same time during ‘special op covid’:

    – trudeau + large parts of parliament and government
    – johnson
    – The last two Australian PM
    – merkel
    – ardern
    – Large numbers in the EU parliament
    – Most Swiss federal leaders
    – Gates
    – Bezos


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