Cultural Enrichment in Ireland

The WEF, the EUSSR & a bunch of useful idiots are destroying Ireland.

Senators Demand Online Censorship After Public Backlash Against Mass Migration Explodes in Ireland

2 beheadings in Ireland. The worst crime ever committed in this country. And the story goes away in days because the perpetrator was foreign a Mohammedan.

Spiel is that it would increase racism +innocent Muslims might be attacked if it was reported as a Muslim crime.

Teacher in blasphemy row after ‘showing Prophet Muhammad cartoons to class’ is STILL living in fear with his family six weeks on – and extremist threat is so severe, the safe house location is even kept secret from relatives

  • The teacher gave an RE lesson at Batley Grammar School on March 22
  • It is alleged the teacher showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to the class
  • The following day there was a large protest outside the school by angry parents
  • The teacher and his family have been given continuing police protection 

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