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PM Orbán mocks corruption scandal in European Parliament with meme tweet

Hungary’s foreign minister doesn’t mince words.

Péter Szijjártó accused the European Parliament of doing its utmost to isolate Hungary

The European Parliament is a corrupt organization lacking in credibility following its recent corruption scandals, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has claimed.

In an interview with the Kossuth radio station on Sunday, the Hungarian government minister said, “Very few of the decisions, statements, and resolutions of the European Parliament have in fact helped Europe.

“The credibility of the European Parliament is practically zero, the latest corruption issues have clearly shown that we are speaking about one of the world’s most corrupt organizations.”

PM Orbán: National and cultural identity is a human right

In recent months, the EU has been embroiled in the Qatargate corruption scandal, with Belgian police arresting Socialist MEP Eva Kaili and others for allegedly taking over €1.5 million in bribes, which were found stuffed in paper bags and suitcases. Since then, Socialist MEP Marc Tarabella has also been arrested on corruption and bribery charges, with police conducting additional raids at other locations as well.

Szijjártó said that corruption is not the only issue, but that decisions taken by the EU legislature were “mostly harmful to Europe.”

“Everyone is well aware that the vicinity of the war causes many problems and challenges here in Europe. It is also clear that the same negative impacts are not present several thousand kilometers or an ocean away, but we here in Europe are constantly faced with these challenges.”

Szijjártó accused the European Union’s sanctions on Russia of having a crippling effect on the European economy while doing virtually nothing to Russia.

“The sanctions have failed,” Szijjártó said, adding that European countries’ weapons shipments to Ukraine only serve to prolong the war.

“Today, this is a regional war with global impact, and we must prevent it from becoming a global war,” he told listeners. “Stepping out from the trans-Atlantic bubble, it is very obvious that the voices in favor of peace and the desire for peace are much louder than the mainstream liberal media in the trans-Atlantic world would have us believe.”

Szijjártó predicted that the 10th sanctions package being deliberated by the European Union would also fail, pointing out that Hungary would not support any sanctions on the export of Russian nuclear fuel.

“Any restrictive measure regarding nuclear energy would endanger the security of the Hungarian energy supply. Today, in Hungary, the (Russian-built) Paks nuclear plant provides half of Hungary’s electricity and one-third of its total energy needs. Should the Paks nuclear plant become inoperable because of a ban on nuclear fuels, the country’s energy supply would become impossible,” Szijjártó said.

The Hungarian foreign minister also reacted to recent remarks made by his Slovakian counterpart, Rastislav Kácer, who accused Hungary of planning to reclaim former territory now a part of Slovakia should Russia win the war.

He called the comments “a political construct” that fit well into the series of statements made by Europe’s liberal mainstream designed to isolate his country.

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Eurocrats conspire to thwart democracy

Jennifer Oriel The Australian December 24, 2018

The year began with global panic about the renaissance of active democracy in the West. Much of the political media class entered a state of near hysteria as free-world citizens reclaimed democracy and the Western tradition as their own. The election of Donald Trump and the popular vote for Brexit provided an exit strategy from amoral globalism. Concerted efforts to undermine the US presidency and reverse Brexit have failed thus far. But elites have failed to learn the most important lesson of recent events: once lit, the democratic spirit cannot be put out.

Pro-EU elites have amassed to spoil the democratic vote for Brexit. They are making government an exercise in elitism by presenting Brexit options in a technical language that is inaccessible to the general public. They are threatening economic and political ruin across the UK. They are creating doomsday scenarios to spook MPs ahead of next month’s parliamentary debate on a Brexit deal.

The only thing worse than the malformed strategy for Brexit is the dismal dream of Eurocracy.

Brexit was achieved in a referendum with the largest voter turnout since the 1992 general election. It is a 21st-century peasants’ revolt and the elites want to suppress it. At every step, Eurocrats have tried to deny the democratic will of the British people to leave the EU.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker warned Britain would regret its decision to leave the union. The late Peter Suther­land, UN special representative for international migration and an ardent open-borders activist, tweeted that Brexit “somehow … must be overturned”.

Billionaire leftist George Soros is funding a campaign to overturn it by holding another referendum. The German Council of Economic Experts urged Chancellor Angela Merkel to block Brexit. They warned: “Political actors should not assume too soon that Brexit is a done deal.”

Britain’s experiment with direct democracy resulted in Brexit. It exposed a chasm between the world view of political elites and the people they claim to represent. At the time of the referendum, about 62 per cent of British MPs and 78 per cent of David Cameron’s cabinet opposed Brexit.

In the present state of play, the British government has three options: a revised deal with the EU, a no-deal Brexit, or a virtual reversal of the referendum result by parliament. The last option would be disastrous for British democracy. It would confirm the popular view among Brexiteers that EU elites govern nation-states without an electoral mandate or the consent of citizens.

Recent advice that Britain can revoke its declared intention to leave the EU has been celebrated by green-Left politicians. In an opinion for the European Court of Justice, advocate general Campos Sanchez-Bordona said the British government could unilaterally stop Brexit by withdrawing its intention to leave the EU.

The non-binding legal advice was given in response to a case brought by a group of anti-Brexiteers led by green-Left politicians in Scotland.

The campaign to stop Brexit by triggering another referendum or bringing down Theresa May’s government is well funded and orchestrated. Britain’s The Telegraph reported that Soros had funded a campaign for a second referendum that would effectively overturn the democratic vote for Brexit. He has provided about £800,000 ($1.4 million) to the “Best for Britain” campaign that aims to trigger another vote.

Tory MP Amber Rudd appears to be supporting the idea of a second Brexit referendum. The May government’s Work and Pensions Secretary said last week the argument for a second referendum is “plausible” if the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal is rejected by the Commons. Rudd has form. Before the referendum, she joined socialist and Labour politicians in a vicious attack on Brexiteers. In a televised debate, she turned against her own team, accusing fellow Tory and Brexiteer Boris Johnson of being a liar. She smeared him, saying that he was “not the man you want to drive you home at the end of the evening”.

It is unsurprising that desperate Europhile politicians use ad hominem attacks to promote their cause. They struggle to make the case for EU membership because the weight of evidence is against them. Former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband demonstrated the problem in a column for The Guardian. He compared Brexit to arson and declared it would be an “unprecedented act of political self-destruction”.

Like many Europhiles, Miliband works tortured metaphors and motherhood statements to sell the benefits of EU membership. After claiming that “the EU multiplies British power, ideas and values in very direct ways”, he issued the stunning proof: a reduction in Somali pirate attacks and the deal on Iran’s nuclear program. Is that it?

EU officialdom makes a persuasive case against its own usefulness. It has grown beyond an alliance of states building a European common market into a bureaucratic leviathan that interferes with every aspect of life, including family relations, child-rearing, freedom of thought and expression, and the free exercise of faith. Worse still, it politicises societies to the degree that citizens and entire nations are judged according to their professed loyalty to PC dogma. Open borders, multicultural ideology, minority fundamentalism and casual antipathy to Western civilisation are the common values of Eurocratic elites. Dissenting individuals and states are held up for public ridicule and suffer retribution from Brussels.

The EU is a caricature of liberal democracy in its most degenerate form. Its cadres denounce democracy when the tide of public opinion is against them. They are so arrogant as to believe that their arguments require no proof. They have so little regard for the truth that politically correct ideology is presented as fact. They dismiss the Western tradition because its basis in public reason means the peasants can speak truth to power.

Eurocrats display the confidence of nouveau riche barbarians whose limitless self-belief comes from standing on the shoulders of midgets. They are unwilling to respect the free will of democratic citizens because they respect neither democracy nor freedom. The British people voted to leave the EU because it left them behind.

Illustration: Eric Lobbecke.

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