Dutch Farmers, WEF & #NetZeroGoals

Farmers everywhere are under threat of losing their existence. Every communist takeover so far included the destruction of the farming sector. If you control the food supply, you have -almost- total control. This WEF driven Agenda 30 is no different.

Farm Convoy Of Tractors Hit Paris Streets To Protest Pesticide Ban

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More than 800 tractors gathered in Les Invalides…

Adding to the days of strikes and mass street demonstrations about French President Emmanuel Macron’s unpopular plan to raise the retirement age, farmers have flooded the streets of Paris for an entirely different reason. 

French farmers drove hundreds of tractors, if not more, into Paris on Wednesday to protest against a ban on pesticide use.

Dutch farmers are being forced to give up 50% of their land to the state by 2030 in order to reach #NetZeroGoals

Our government is now openly admitting that food will become significantly more expensive as a result of the “transition of agriculture”, stating they see “no objection” to that. When will people realise it’s all intentional? They want us to be poor and hungry. #dutchfarmers

This slide is from Sandi Adams explanation of the UN Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. That is precisely what is happening to the Dutch farmers at the moment. One other name for the same thing is the Great Reset. It is now in phase II. For more information refer to:

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