Great Reset, Schwab: Owning a Car Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

They want private car ownership outlawed too, WEF has issued orders, this is where the electric car comes in, there are only so many metals for the batteries, they have admitted you will share rent a electric car with your neighbors who who either don’t know, or hate.

Start listening. They are very open about it.

President Trump’s new campaign ad calls out the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, the global elite and the Great Reset “The future does not belong to globalists – the future belongs to patriots.” – President Donald J. Trump

 The Marxist worldview doesn’t care about reality, sees not getting it’s way literally as enslavement to other people’s way, and believes it can force a new reality by forcing everyone to participate.

By seizing power and forcing everyone into the Marxist way of life, which is how they misperceive their unhappy existence, they can make people fully dependent on it and it will then become spontaneous and successful. It’s magical thinking and totalitarianism.

The Netherlands:

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