Hungary: “In a multicultural, mixed society the individual loses his identity, culture, faith, language, everything,”

“Muslims are being called in to get Christ and Christianity out of Europe,”

Hungarian archbishop: ‘Muslims are being called in to get Christ and Christianity out of Europe’

It has been nearly two months since the report below was published, and it refers to an interview from a month before that. Yet there is no record, or no public record anyway, of Pope Francis, who has been an energetic advocate for both Islam and for mass Muslim migration into Europe, calling Archbishop Emeritus Gyula Márfi on the carpet for his remarks about Islam and mass migration. This is likely because of the “Emeritus” designation; Gyula Márfi is retired, and so the woke pope need not trouble himself about this meddlesome priest.

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“Hungarian archbishop blasts Freemasonry, LGBT ideology, rising Islam in Europe,” by Raymond Wolfe, LifeSite News, January 9, 2023 (thanks to David):

VESZPRÉM, Hungary (LifeSiteNews) – A Hungarian prelate recently sounded off against the rise of LGBT ideology, Islam, and anti-Christian sentiment in Europe and the influence of Freemasonry over leaders of the European Union.

In an interview last month with conservative Hungarian newspaper Magyar Jelen, Archbishop Emeritus Gyula Márfi of Veszprém warned of a multi-pronged assault against European Christianity from left-wing forces within the E.U.

“One of the most striking signs of the European Union’s anti-Christianity,” he said, “is that its constitution did not commemorate Europe’s Christian roots,” a point similarly emphasized by Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI….

He recalled how the city of Brussels, the capital of the E.U., declined to put up a Christmas tree in 2012 for fear of offending its Muslim population….

The retired archbishop also pointed to the mass migration of Muslims as a chief means of weakening Europe’s Christian culture.

“In my opinion, Muslims are also being called in to get Christ and Christianity out of Europe,” he told Magyar Jelen.

“Today, Freemasons and Muslims are coming together to make Christianity disappear from Europe,” he observed. “It was practically the same as it was in the age of the Savior, when the Scribes and Pharisees worked with their deadly enemy, Pontius Pilate, to get Jesus out of the way.”

“In a multicultural, mixed society,” he continued, “the individual loses his identity, sense of identity, culture, faith, language, practically everything,” making people easier to manipulate for powerful corporations “who want to turn the whole Earth into a huge collective farm, where there are no ethnic, national and religious identities, only obedient workers and consumers manufactured according to standards.”

But European liberals “will ultimately ruin themselves” by embracing large-scale Muslim migration, he said, as “Islam will never accept their liberal principles.”

Archbishop Márfi has long been an outspoken critic of left-wing immigration policies, putting him at odds with Pope Francis, who has made embracing unfettered migration a central theme of his pontificate.

“The Holy Father asked every parish to accept a refugee Syrian family. Well, many parishes cannot sustain themselves without outside help,” the Hungarian prelate remarked in 2015.

“The leaders of the Muslim masses can clearly see that the situation is ripe to occupy the apostate continent,” he starkly warned at the time.

In his interview with Magyar Jelen, Archbishop Márfi alluded to Muslims’ long history of violence and terrorism against Christian Europe, and particularly Hungary, which suffered widespread devastation at the hands of the Turks during the Ottoman wars.

“They have been here in Hungary for 150 years, we know how much destruction they have caused,” he said of Muslims. “We Hungarians still carry the memory of this in our genes to some extent.”

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