Biden: “No Rights Are Absolute”

Who is crazier, this demented corruptocrat Joe Biden, or the Obamessiah?

With every war going all the way back to Vietnam, the press has been heavily integrated with the troops and there’s thousands of hours of live video footage. In Ukraine, nothing. We get no footage, no detailed updates, no graphs explaining how the war is going, who has control of what land, etc. All we get is Biden fake air raid sirens and one famous actor or politician a day happily prancing around Kiev with Zelenskyy with no helmets or body protection offering him 100s of billion of dollars. Or, Zelenskyy jet setting around the world to walk red carpets, get praised by the global elite, and pose for national magazine covers. If you question this – you’re called a Putin puppet. We taxpaying citizens are sick and damn tired of these blatant lies from these evil, globalist worms. Call us whatever names you want – we know bullshit when we see it.

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