Koran Riots

Sweden stands its ground. (For now).

So does Finland:


Finland Police Claim to Have Shut Down Qur’an Burning Protest

Erdogan is mighty pissed:

Sweden Will Not be Allowed to Join NATO Until Qur’an Burning is Banned: Ankara

Sweden Will Not be Allowed to Join NATO Until Qur’an Burning is Banned: Ankara

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated that unless Sweden bans the burning of the Islamic Qur’an, he will not agree to the country’s bid for membership in the NATO military alliance.

Turkey should not be in NATO. Turkey is not, cannot be an ally of the infidel west.

Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström replied to Erdogan’s comments saying, ” We do not compromise on freedom of expression, it is very clear what is required for Sweden to become a member of NATO and that is that we meet the requirements stated in the trilateral memorandum.”

“And we will do so within the framework set by our Constitution, our legislation and principles of the rule of law,” he added.

Swedish Agency Warns of Increased Terrorism Threat

OIC demands ‘severe counter-measures’ against burning of the Qur’an

The OIC has been trying for years to intimidate the West into discarding the freedom of speech and adopting Sharia blasphemy laws. All too many in the West, meanwhile, would be only too happy to do so. “OIC Muslim bloc demands ‘severe counter-measures’ against Quran burnings,” by İbrahim Khazen and Ali Semerci, Anadolu Agency, February […]

Turkey: Germany, UK, Netherlands close Istanbul consulates over jihad terror threats because of Qur’an-burnings

The German, British, and Dutch governments would like nothing better than to curtail the freedom of expression and forbid such inconvenient incidents as the burning of the Qur’an. But they can’t do it just yet. “Several European consulates shut down over Istanbul terror threats,” The Cradle, February 1, 2023: The governments of Germany, the UK, […]

Half-Dozen Countries Temporarily Close Istanbul Consulates Over ‘Security Threats’


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Turkey blasts “a psychological war” by the West related to the Quran-burning stunt in Sweden…

Sweden: A fifth of the population wants the right to bear arms amid ongoing Muslim violence

Only a fifth? The Swedes have been raped & plundered for decades. Their country faces ruin if the Islamic invasion continues like it does. They better get their act together.

Once-peaceful Sweden has become one of the most dangerous places in Europe. That’s because it was the most welcoming country, and the leading experimental laboratory for open-door immigration policies. The experiment failed. Logic should dictate that if any peaceful country flings open its doors to unvetted, open-door immigration, that country would come increasingly to resemble […]

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