Nikah mut’ah: When the Imam is a Pimp For ‘Pleasure Marriages’

Mutah marriage in quran. Verse of Mutah in the Quran 2019-01-17

Imams Caught Pimping Vulnerable Women in Sweden (Video)

Sweden: Shia imams conduct temporary marriages as cover for prostitution

It is no surprise that imams would be involved in this. Shi’ites justify temporary marriage, mutah, by their reading of Qur’an 4:24: “And all married women except those whom your right hands possess. It is a decree of Allah for you. Lawful to you are all beyond those mentioned, so that you may seek them with your wealth in honest wedlock, not debauchery. And those whom you enjoy, give them their shares as a duty. And there is no sin for you in what you do by mutual agreement after the duty. Indeed, Allah is ever-knower, wise.”

While Sunnis ostensibly reject this practice, it is rising among Saudis and in Egypt.

A Muslim who is feeling sexually deprived pays an imam to perform a “pleasure marriage” between himself and a child or young woman in return for a cut of the fee.

Over a dozen Imams and Muslim “religious” leaders in Sweden were recently caught carrying out “temporary” Islamic marriages, also known as “pleasure marriages” for Muslim men. Temporary marriage is a euphemism for Islamic religiously sanctioned prostitution.

Authorities claimed to have been shocked to learn the Imam are pimping “vulnerable women” to Muslim men. Yet, these egregious exploitative practices are commonplace among third-world Muslim migrant cultures and are now a systemic problem in Sweden and other Western nations.

Shi’ite Muslims – Short-term marriage

Islamic law is rigorous concerning sexual intercourse: it must not, under any circumstances, occur outside of marriage. Shi’ite Muslims, however, have devised an ingenious workaround: the temporary “pleasure marriage” [Nikah al-Mut’ah]. A Muslim who is feeling sexually deprived pays an imam to perform a “pleasure marriage” between himself and a child or young woman in return for a (small) cut of the fee. Afterward, as soon as the Muslim man finishes having sex with the girl, he chants Talaq! Talaq! Talaq! and the divorce is finalized.

Sunni Muslims – Travelers Marriage

Sunni Muslims engage in an even more libertine practice called Nikah al-Misyar (also Zawaj al-Misyar, meaning “traveler’s marriage”). The Misyar is not a normal marriage in the sense that the “husband and wife” in this type of union typically live separately and meet only to fulfill their conjugal obligations.

Misyar marriages are often entered into by Sunni Muslim men who are living away from their regular wives in another country. It is also used by Muslim men who are on vacation or migrants that want to avoid incurring Islamic penalties for extramarital sex.

What is most disturbing about this practice is not even whether or not the “temporary wife” has rights but that Muslim scholars and preachers have given the green light to their followers to exploit the plight of young Muslim girls.

The following report from the Swedish state broadcaster SVT discusses the so-called “marriages,” which are nothing more than Islamic religious Imam’s and figures pimping for Allah. The left-wing news network irresponsibly implies that Swedes should not be concerned because the imams, who are the problem, now have an action plan to rectify the epidemic.


The Swedish news network will most likely experience outrage from the Islamic community for daring to cover the “pleasure marriage” crisis being imported into their country. In 2019, more than 17,000 people demanded the BBC take down a documentary about young Iraqi girls being sold for sex – calling it ‘disrespectful’ to law-abiding Shia Muslims.

The corporation broadcast ‘Undercover With The Clerics – Iraq‘s Secret Sex Trade’ on October 3 – an investigation into the sexual exploitation of children and young women by clerics in Iraq.

Journalists caught clerics offering ‘pleasure marriages’ to girls as young as nine, (which is permissible under Islamic law) – where men who are banned from sex outside marriage can pay a dowry for an interim wife.


The BBC World investigation found that the Islamic practice was supposedly banned in Iraq, but eight out of 10 Shia clerics who were approached were willing to carry it out. 

In Karbala, Iraq’s most important religious city, the undercover reporter is introduced to a cleric who claims pleasure marriage with a child is halal: ‘Nine years old plus, there’s no problem.’

Footage shows him explaining: ‘It’s up to you how you want to do it; she’s permitted to you. You’re allowed to perform from behind. Do what you desire.’

Two of the three clerics secretly filmed by BBC Arabic describe themselves as followers of Ayatollah Sistani, one of the most senior figures in Shia Islam.

For years, Muslim preachers in several Arab countries have been encouraging their followers to engage in “pleasure marriages” with young girls as a way of ridding them and their families of their misery. Some of these preachers have even issued fatwas [Islamic decrees] permitting the sexual exploitation of minors.

In 2012, Gatestone reported on the problem of young Syrian female refugees who fled their country to Jordan and Iraq being forced into “pleasure marriages.”

Many of these girls were being returned to their families after hours or days of the temporary marriage. The victims were often sold by their desperate families to Muslim men in return for a few hundred dollars.

The Jordanian newspaper Ad-Dustour revealed that Muslim men from the kingdom were also exploiting the plight of the Syrian refugees by targeting 14 and 15-year-old girls. These same practices have now made their way to Western nations.

With millions of third-world Islamic migrants flooding into Europe, it is not surprising they are bringing their customs and laws. The proliferation of temporary “pleasure” marriages is one more reminder of how Muslims in the West are using Islamic Sharia law with impunity to establish parallel forms of “marriage” that are otherwise illegal for non-Muslims in the country.

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