The Climate Racket Must Stop!

This one is hard on the brain:

Jane Fonda Blames Racism for Imaginary Climate Crisis

 #ClimateScam cultists reject history because it doesn’t support their sacred models and graphs.

#Climateloons are upset that Twitter now allows people to dissent against their narrative. They seem to be mad that Twitter allows the #ClimateScam hashtag to even exist.

Second Weakest Hurricane Season of Satellite Era

Liberal elite creepazoids gather in Davos to agree that we must eat bugs and radically lower our standard of living because otherwise our carbon emissions will continue to worsen the alleged climate emergency, causing ever more ferocious storms to wash us all away. Carbon levels really are climbing, thanks largely to communist China. Bjorn Lomborg illustrates the catastrophic effect on hurricane season:

Bjorn Lomborg Climate Report: Hurricanes ‘Unprecedentedly Weak’ in 2022

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