The Trouble With Eggs

Tucker goes there:

Mysterious, is it not?

Dr. @NaomiRWolf: “There’s No Visible Way These Materials Leave the Ovaries” With each shot, the materials accumulate more so in the ovaries.

Dr. Naomi Wolf Accuses Pfizer of Genocide:

They Knew, ‘And They Kept Going’ • temporally associated stroke and liver damage risks • 20 different names for ruining menstrual health • 13 to 20% birth rate drop in Europe • FDA and Pfizer omitted myocarditis risk from parents

“We have a clear trail of bread crumbs about reproductive toxicity that’s not being followed up.”

Dr. Pierre Kory:

You Can’t Hide from Vaccine Injury When It’s In Your Face Every Day – Neurologists are seeing patients with no risk factors having strokes. – Oncologists are seeing more cancer cases. – Gynecologists are seeing all of the fertility and menstrual abnormalities.

Men are ‘killing the planet’ because ‘toxic masculinity’ means they won’t go veggie. according to a new study.

This stereotype must change if humanity is to reduce its meat intake to save itself from catastrophic climate change.

This level of stupid is hard on the brain.

Project Veritas: Pfizer Director Concerned Over Women’s Reproductive Health After Covid Vax, ‘There is Something Irregular About Menstrual Cycles’ (VIDEO)

Great Reset Watch: EU Gives Green Light for Use of Two Insect Species in Human Food

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