‘Rescue’ Ship NGOs Aid & Abet the Invasion of Italy

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Salvini: Migrant Drownings Caused by ‘Do-Gooders’ Re-opening Ports, Encouraging Smugglers

Italian Intelligence Says ‘Rescue’ Ship NGOs Help Smugglers, Lead to More Migrant Deaths

Italian Intelligence Says ‘Rescue’ Ship NGOs Help Smugglers, Lead to More Migrant Deaths

An Italian intelligence report released this week says NGO migrant “taxi” ships help people-smugglers and cause more deaths at sea.

The Italian Department of Security Intelligence (DIS) report released this week to the Italian parliament says the presence of migrant “taxis” claiming to be conducting rescue operations helped people smugglers and led to more migrants setting sail in hopes of coming across them.

The DIS added that some smugglers even use NGO activity as a selling point to prospective migrants, claiming that NGO vessels’ presence offers greater security for illegals making the often dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea.

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